DKS warns contractors that he can’t be abashed bottomward by blackmail strategies.

Bengaluru, August 8: Deputy Arch Abbot D.K. Shivakumar has captivated out an instantaneous warning to contractors who had written to the state governor concerning non-fee of expenses that he cannot be cowed bottomward by means of bribery tactics.


While chatting with media men and women close to the Kumara Krupa guest residence on Tuesday, he said the expenses should be paid to contractors who had accomplished the assignment entrusted to them effectively as per the assignment orders, and motions will be taken against others who have now not executed the work or submitted fake and aggrandized bills.


“I do know who’s in the back of which architect and is accountable for the base work or submission of artificial bills,’’ he observed authoritatively, indicating that he isn’t petrified of any blackmail tactics.


When newshounds requested him about the charge of some contractors that he is annoying money as bribes for allowance expenses, Shivakumar referred to the fact that he’s not going to retort to one and all contractors.


The deputy chief abbot declared that he has no longer demanded funds or bribes from anyone. “I know the kind of politics these individuals are playing and who’s at the back of which contractor. Allow them to ship Belletrist to the Governor and even the President of India. They’re chargeless to satisfy alike. best abbot, Narendra Modi. I know how to take action against erring contractors. I won’t be anxious by all these threats,’’ he asserted.


To a pointed question on whether he is actually pressured into absolution payments to the contractors, Shivakumar mentioned: “Who can exert force on me? I am capable of arresting any driver. I am not going to respond to all questions or empty threats.’’


When pointed out that the contractors had met JDS leader and former chief minister H. D. Kumaraswamy, he noted: They are chargeless to satisfy anybody. If we had been in opposition, wouldn’t they have appeared to fulfill us? This sort of strategy is fairly average.’’

DKS warns contractors that he can’t be abashed bottomward by blackmail strategies.

Shivakumar talked about how he isn’t worried by using some of the contractors’ arising threats and statements in opposition to the assembly executive and fabricating them so that a motion may be taken in opposition to contractors who haven’t achieved the assignment entrusted to them or have submitted fake and bogus bills. A motion may be taken against guilty persons as per law, he pointed out.


“Just because some contractors claim that they have done work and their expenses must be austere, the government cannot unencumber cash. We should check and verify the entire bill. This type of work being entrusted on cardboard and submission of expenses tomorrow for payment or within a certain time will no longer work. I even have asked officers to determine all the works,’’ he stated, declaring that he’s not an activity to intrude on the problem of the fee of bills.

He declared that all the contractors who have carried out the assignment as per the assignment order might be paid using a scientific method. He stated that there is no reason to resort to driving tactics or blackmail attempts.


DKS warns contractors that he can’t be abashed bottomward by blackmail strategies.

The agent arch abbot observed he isn’t taking flight from his charge of % commission against the previous BJP regime headed with the aid of Basavaraj Bomma and mentioned he isn’t abstinent on the allegations. “Sure, we’ve leveled the allegations. Did Bomma order any probes? The Loka Yukta has already pinpointed and located out that over Rs one hundred thirty crores have been paid without bills. officials were abeyant. I’m not denying the records. People know the fact,’’ he referred to.


He explained that there is a process for clearing the bills, and it cannot be accomplished overnight. “Are these individuals not waiting for two or three years for the price of their bills? The budget of the baptize components department is Rs 1 crore for a year; however, there are pending expenses of Rs 2 crore. All these expenses deserve to be checked, and there should be a physical analysis of the work done. The expenses can’t be paid in basic terms on submission,’’ he said authoritatively, making it clear that the past observation via the BJP of the price of bills by way of traumatic commission is gone.

DKS warns contractors that he can’t be abashed bottomward by blackmail strategies. – newhomedaily contractors

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